Friday, April 21, 2017

Music Video Finale

Hello viewers! This time, we are making a music video! But not without help of course! (Duh! it's a GROUP project!) I am getting help from my team partners:

Emily McDaniel
Gillian Altman
Check out their blogs too!

Sadly this is the last project of the year. Fortunately I believe that this is going to be one of my best works of all time! The music in the video will be "Rolling In The Deep'' by Adele. We decided this song because it was easy to make into a video and we all liked it. Plus I get to do the bloopers! (I mean that I get to put them all together not that I make the bloopers).

Our music video storyline goes like this:
Two friends get in a fight and one has a bunch more friends. However the other former friend has no friends. The second friend struggles to cope with the breaking-up, until the end when she realizes that she is ok. (F.Y.I. the weird dancing guy is me. ) I am also the main cameraman.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Hello viewers!!! We are back and making a movie trailer that is going to be capital-E Epic!!!! (No you will not be able to view the movie. Sorry) It is still going to be very cool and I hope that you will love it and even make the movie yourself!!! (no you do not need to be a film company or have 50 billion dollars to make a movie).

When we filmed we found out the hard way that is easier said than done. First it was VERY  hard to get to all the places that we were filming at. second it took a LONG time to get the camera to the filming spot. (I nearly fell down a gulch which was a place that was one of our choices for the gang hideout. The second place was a bunch of trees). In the final scene their was a burrito but it was done too quickly so it looked like a quesadilla (we called it a "lamearitto).  In the movie I was a gang leader and as said I nearly fell down a gulch. However, I found a nice walking stick and we filmed the entire trailer without spending a penny!

Check out the entire team:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Metamorphosis Animation

Our team was created by me and Cate but then we needed someone else so we asked Alex and he agreed. Our 2 ideas are: Hermit embraces society and Flower finds beauty. Our goal is to teach either about beauty or society. we will animate using traditional animation, Photoshop, & Stykz.

Goal: Following the Project Rubric, all students will join Metamorphosis Animation Teams & pitch their 2 best focus statements & story ideas, then complete a collaborative Production Plan & Storyboard before producing their 1-2 minute animated movie with custom soundtrack.

A crabby hermit crab is sitting in a magical mountain lake all by himself. A friendly fish goes up to the crab and wants to play with him. The fish gets rejected and leaves sadly. The mountain’s magic gets triggered because of the Hermit crabs selfishness and turns the crab into an actual hermit. He reluctantly goes down the mountain. As he walks down the mountain he sees a village. He then goes to the village. The villager’s make him feel welcome by giving him a cake and a place to stay. He starts to make friends. At the end of the day, the fish turns into a villager and goes to the village. The hermit apologizes and they become best friends.

Our team's result was a hilarious video with an epic soundtrack. Some parts were awesome & some were just kinda "meh" (:-\. However the soundtrack was 100 % AWESOME!!!! ;-D In the end we did pretty darn good. I am thinking about making copies of the soundtrack for the entire team. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I believe that facial expressions may vary between different people. In the article I read, scientists worked with people of a remote Polynesian colony. They then showed people in the colony photos of different facial expressions. To there surprise, the Polynesians associated the "surprised" face with anger. So facial expressions are NOT universal.

First, I took a picture of myself. Then I uploaded it to Photo shop. After that I outlined my head. Next I filled the outline with triangles. Then I smoothed out the color in the triangles. Next I cut out the right half of the face. Finally I copied the left side of the face, reversed it, and positioned it where the right was. My face was completed.

The easy way is nice, but you have only a limited amount of ways to change the picture. The hard way is obviously, hard but you can make the picture unique. Unfortunately you need Photo shop to do it which costs a lot of money. In the easy way you can find the website online. I like both ways but both have there ups and downs.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

   I use paper made from trees. I use elements from nature like carbon to write. I play outside on a field of grass during recess at school. I use solar power to watch a TV and I drink water that is a natural resource.

Time lapses are created by speeding up the video so that the video time is shortened and everything is sped up really fast. This is done by taking less frames per second,minute, or hour. Slow motion videos are sped down so that everything is super slow motion and the time of the video is lengthened. This is done by taking MORE picture per second then a regular video.

  The hardest part was getting a good video of the sun setting. I mean every single day IT WAS CLOUDY!!! how is that even possible that every day is cloudy for 3 days! I mean that must have been a weather anomaly, for Peats sake!

Reflecting on my work I guess I deserve all those one's because of my shoddy camerawork and forgetting to put ALL  the words to my poem. I also forgot to not put in stuff like "The End" or something similar.  This video may not have been the best I will do but it is my first video, so I am proud that I did it and thankful to the people who gave me 2's. Also thanks to my teachers and my parapro, for helping me out of the mud when I was stuck. Even more thanks to all the other kids who gave me help in times of need!

Poetic Personal Statement

I believe that poetry is a beautiful song. Haikus short and sweet, rhymes fun and witty, sonnets, always 14 lines, never changing that rule . All of the different types, each one unique, a different flavor, a unique song note. Poetry can be personal if you get a feeling that the poem was meant for you. You can also write the poem yourself. Since you made the poem yourself it's personal. Poetry can make you feel emotions about your surroundings and what is in it. Poems can emotionally connect people. You have a piece of the person who wrote the poem and they have a piece of you.

I want to golf, thats a fact
Please, PLEASE don't make a crack,
You might laugh and make jokes,
and think I am making a hoax
But I am telling the truth
while I am in the Fountain Of Youth.
The chemists say the pH is great.
I say getting my chemistry PHD and playing all 18 holes is my fate!

I have always wanted to learn golf. I used rhyme in this poem because golf is a very formal sport and rhymes are playful. So I worked very hard to make golf funny and silly. I also added chemistry terms because Chemistry is also one of my 15 (now 16) personal goals.

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